our story

In May 2016, I lost my son, Oliver, to preterm labor. In the days that followed, my family was surrounded by a phenomenal support system. Days turned into weeks turned into months and I slowly found myself still completely entrenched in a grief I could not comprehend, let alone explain. I felt so alone. But then someone would send me an email that they had donated to one cause or another in Oliver’s name, or send a care package, or even just show up with a well-timed pint of ice-cream.

Slowly, I felt the Lord tenderly calling me to use my Oliver’s story to touch the hearts of other broken-hearted loss moms, not just in a one time gift, but throughout the entire first year- when the months stretch on and the grief feels more and more isolating. Even more slowly, my focus started to shift from the mamas themselves to the loved ones she already has in her life.

While we do pride ourselves on providing beautifully and prayerfully curated gifts for the grieving mother, our desire is that these gifts would be a facilitator of something deeper. Our prayer is that the woman receiving these boxes would know that she is seen and known and that the relationship between the giver and the recipient would deepen and strengthen in a way only the Lord can cultivate through coming alongside one another in the most difficult of circumstances.